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Crystaljet 3000
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Crystaljet 3000

Đăng ngày 28-05-2021 11:16:00 AM - 56 Lượt xem

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Chia sẻ :
Strong bridge frame body provides a stable body.
Capping device and cleaning gate provides an open space for maintenance.
Full range of complementary molding parts, achieves high precision assembly.
Improved 3 zones heating system with front, middle and rear 3 parts, avoiding medias or printing
platform expansion and contraction.
Cleaning LED light with glass cover ,easy for printhead cleaning ,Light has automatically shut off function ,it extend the using life of LED.
Both sides have adjustable stands, which ensures the printer work on a horizontal level and avoiding medias going skewed.
This printer provides positive flush and solvent flush ,suction function, with each color ink prime.
The safety of low voltage and print head heating system allows the printer can be worked on varies environment.
Pre heating on rear heating board, middle heating board with higher temperature improves ink absorption, precision printing and working efficiency.
Auto white skip, auto step adjustment, bi-direction value, single map automatically copy, wave technology,eclosion, friendly operation interface makes printing process simple and easy.
There is an option to select alert ink sub tank for convenient and safe ink refill.
Optional constant temperature front hot dry fan system allows printer working under a low temperature and wet environment.
Optional secondary ink tank constant temperature system, makes printer working good under a cold environment.
Optional simple and easy operating take up system.
Model S3306 II SPT255_12PL F3308 II SPT255_12PL S3306 II SPT510_35PL F3308 I ISPT510_35PL      
Printhead SPT255_12PL SPT510_35PL    
No of Printheads 6 8 6 8      
Printhead Sequency 1×6 2×4 1×6 2×4      
Print Width 3200mm 125.98inch
Media Width 3220mm 126.77inch
Print speed Print mode Speed
High speed 360X1080 6pass 13m²/hr 360X1080 6pass 26m²/hr 240X540 3pass 56m²/hr 240X720 2pass 82m²/hr      
Middle speed 360X1440 8pass 10m²/hr 360X1440 8pass 20m²/hr 240X720 4pass 41m²/hr 180X1080 3pass 68m²/hr      
Standard speed 720X1080 6pass 6.5m²/hr 720X1080 6pass 13m²/hr 360X540 3pass 37m²/hr 180X1440 4pass 50m²/hr      
Ink Type Ink Type Solvent Ink
Ink supply system Auto consistant ink suppy, ink detective, failure notice.
Cleaning method Singel color positive flush(with pressure protection), auto flushing & head moisturing
RIP software MainTop( Photoprint optional)
Interface USB2.0
Printing assistant system Auto feeding & take up system Media detective via infrared,memorial flex-feed & take-up system
Heating system Preheating, middle heating, rear heating
Head heating Low voltage head consistant-temperature heatingDC24V
Height of the tray 2~5mm Distance to the printing platform, adjustable
Other functions One key positive-pressure ink injecting,adjustable force of media being absopted to platform, anti-warp media-press,subtank heater(optional),lighting for head cleaning,Fuselage horizontal adjustment function, heating fan(optional)/drying fan, anti-splash board, emergency stop.
Printer info Voltage AC220V 50/60HZ AC110V 50/60HZ is optional
Power Printing500W Platfrom heating :Front heating 1000W/Middle heating 1000WW/Back heating 5000W
Working environment Normal temperature22~28      Himidity40%~70%RH
Printer dimensins 4600mm(L)X930mm(W)X1190mm(H)   450kg±15kg
Shipping dimensins 4800mm(L)X1040mm(W)X1240mm(H) 615kg±15kg

Số ký tự được gõ là 250